NOTE: In truth probably the better forecast comes from our main forecast page: for the Northern Lights click here, and for the Southern Lights click here.

The Ovation model tries to gives the probability of a visible Aurora directly overhead. Not the probability of a visible Aurora at any angle. An Aurora with an altitude of 68 miles (109 Km) for example could be visible over 700 miles (1,126 km) further south.

Ovation forecast Map

Using the Ovation map model, here’s the chance of a visible Aurora directly overhead (straight up) for your location:

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Note: if the timer clock stops counting down, just refresh the page.

General Info. . .

Remember, this tool attempts to forecast the Aurora-directly-overhead probability, not the can-I-see-the-Aurora-at-all probability. You could see the Aurora 700 or even over 1000 miles further south than what this shows depending on the Aurora’s altitude and brightness.

This tool uses NOAA “Ovation” model which integrates the magnetic orientation of the solar wind (Bz, etc.).

You shouldn't have to refresh this page (unless your browser has gone into sleep mode). The forecast data will add new lines as new info comes in. Even the ovation map image will refresh automatically.

(But if there is a problem, the solution is to refresh the page.)

This program will check your location about every 3 minutes. So if you're driving to a different spot, your location will update.

This page works for both the Northern Lights and the Southern Lights.

Also, don't forget the Aurora happens above the clouds, so check your local weather for cloud cover.

How does this affect Aurora Alerts . . .

If you are a subscriber to our Aurora Alerts Service, an optional ovation filter has been integrated into your Aurora Alerts.

If you are not a subscriber you may want to try out our Aurora Alerts Service because it is pretty darn cool.

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